Driving Higher ROIs with Optimized Facebook
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PPC Management Services

Get qualified leads with BrandLogee’s Google PPC services. And for the industry-best CTR, consider our Facebook advertising services.


We don't Rank Your Website

Feel like the competition is zipping past you? Catch up with our smart, ROI-driven paid advertising services – for higher sales and rapid growth.

Attract New Customers

Growing your business means adding more loyal customers. Show what you can do for them with data-driven PPC marketing solutions and witness exponential growth.

Complement Your SEO

SEO is very effective in the long run. While it gets going, use paid advertising like Google and Facebook Ads to meet your growth targets and generate valuable revenue.


We minimize your ad spend and supercharge your CTR with extensive research, audience segmentation, A/B testing – and clear reporting of budget spending and the results obtained.

Complete Strategy

Paid advertising works best when backed by a strategy. For that, we set clear goals, do competitor analysis, and properly structure the campaign, yielding optimal output.

Supercharged Visibility

Get the best position on SERP with high-quality ads. And stand apart from the competition with meticulously designed Facebook ads. All to drive sales at minimal costs.

Results that Matter

From effective PPC to smart social media advertising, each of our services is backed by measurable results – in the form of a bolstered bottom line.

The BrandLogee Method

Staying ahead of the curve is hard without a sound paid advertisement strategy.
Our experienced team develops a tailored one for you that not just drives leads but helps elevate your bottom line.


Getting to Know

At BrandLogee, our goal is your growth. That's why no PPC or Facebook ads service starts without a complete understanding of your goals, the results you seek, and the KPIs we need to watch out for.


Now, we check the historical performance data, identify the gaps we can fill, and develop a paid ads strategy that hits the mark – every time.


Our building step varies for PPC campaigns and Facebook Ads. Let's see how.


Thorough keyword research, enticing ad copy, and proper targeting – all of these help drive more sales to your business.


Scroll-stopping creatives, strong CTAs, and detailed audience segmentation – these help move prospects further down the sales funnel.


With everything ready, it's time to hit the launch button. We do exhaustive A/B testing to ensure your ad spend justifies itself. We pick the best-performing ads and deliver the industry's best ROIs.

Measure & Report

Transparency is the key to any lasting partnership. And to maintain a healthy marketing partnership, we schedule regular meetings to update you on the ads' performance and report everything clearly, with hard data.


Fine-tuning your ads to the ever-changing algorithms is crucial for continued success. We identify what needs adjustment and make the required changes – so you get the desired results.

BrandLogee PPC and Facebook Ads Services

On the surface, our services are similar to what any other SEO company would offer. But what makes us different is our dedication and attention to detail.

Old & Reliable SEO

Bring your business to the front.

BrandLogee’s Google Ads specialists understand you want results – higher ROI, best CTR, and elevate

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Google isn't the only search engine.

People use Bing too, albeit not many. But there’s a hidden advantage to that. With fewer people, your t

Facebook Ads

Be where your customers are.

Facebook (and Instagram) have billions of active users. But we’re not targeting everyone. With our sm

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